Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You Did It How Many Times?

I had the fortune of flying this weekend with a spirited copilot who was energetic, gregarious, and exceptional in his flying skills.  He also has the sexual appetite of a marine battalion.  Upon arriving in Las Vegas for a 24 hour layover, he introduced me to a woman who had flown out to stay with him.  We all arrived at the hotel and as we were getting our room keys, he leaned over to me and whispered that it might be in my best interest if I asked for a room on another floor, just as the clerk gave us adjacent rooms.  I took his advice and got a room 5 floors above his and at opposite ends of the building.  I was asked to go out with them for the evening and politely declined.  The next night, almost 24 hours after arriving we met back at the airport for a redeye to Orlando.  During our 4 hour flight I asked him how his layover was and did they do anything.  I will spare you most of the details but in the time that they had together they had sex six times.  Using higher math, that averaged out to one sexual encounter every four hours for 24 hours. His perfect verbal skills painted a picture in my head that I soon won’t forget.  Be Safe, FlyGuy.


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