Sunday, January 08, 2006

Boston Sports Fans

Bostonians are some of the greatest sports fans in this country. I happened to have had a lengthy layover there recently, during which the Patriots won against Jacksonville 28 to 3 in their first playoff game of the 2005/2006 season. One of the best places to go to in Boston when the locals get revved up over one of their teams is Sullivan’s Tap on Canal St. Make no mistake this is a no frills bar with a polite but serious staff (that word is on the t-shirts they wear) who efficiently dole out lots of liquid. The younger staffers run an almost continuous trek down into the basement with six empty cases stacked up and come back up with four. This establishment is unique in that the bar is one city block long. That’s right, if you walk in one door when someone else comes in opposite you, they will be one block away. The place is narrow and standing room only, the best condition to chat it up with the locals about sports. They know it and they know it well with lots of passion. Getting involved in a conversation is easy as anyone jumps into one at any time. I was given heartfelt sympathy for my 49ers and was welcomed in spite of my loyalties. One couple invited me for dinner the next day for homemade “lumpies” a delicacy only found in New England. Had to work, so the lumpies will have to wait. Did I mention it was about 25 degrees outside? You have to understand that I am the one who sounds funny in a place like that. That thick New England accent makes it that much better, “do you like lobstah”? I was told by one such gentleman that every can of Boston Baked Beans has only 239 nine beans in it. When I asked why he said, “because if you add one more bean they would be too fahty”. If you don’t get it ask a Bostonian to set you straight. Be Safe, FlyGuy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't enjoy flying but after reading your blog I just flew
to Vegas and enjoyed it.
Keep up the good work-and the blog- your words made me feel safe.

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