Monday, October 31, 2005

Safety, Safety,Safety!

The one thing that always comes first in the flying game is safety.  It is put above passenger comfort, convenience, and on time performance.  Safety is put above economy and fuel efficiency.  For pilots this is our mantra, cornerstone, and the primary function of our job.  Today I write to you about another group of professionals, the air traffic controllers who guide us through those immense halls of air.  They handle up to 5000 aircraft in any one hour, 50,000 a day.  FlyGuy has unconditional respect for the men and women who consistently and tirelessly help keep you safe in more ways than you could imagine.  I am writing you today for one reason only, they need your help.

America’s air traffic controllers are concerned about the potential effects of FAA mismanagement on the safety and integrity of our nation’s aviation system.   I have learned about a website dedicated to this problem and I would urge all of you to check it out.  I believe the problem is real from first hand experience.  Their web site has large amounts of information that goes way beyond what I could do here. The link to their website is:  Be safe, FlyGuy.


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