Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thunder Storm Avoidance

This is a video of my aircraft approaching a thunderstorm at altitiude. The last sequence shows the radar display. The white diamond at the bottom is my aircraft, the red blotches on the screen are the cells of the thunderstorm that I needed to avoid. I decided to go to the right of the storm.

Thanks for the comments on the fact that there is no video here for you to see. I tried something new and for the first time FlyGuy has run into a blogging snag. I am working on a fix as it would be great to show you all some real time work. Thanks for coming here, I promise there are great stories, pics, and yes video on the way. Be Safe, FlyGuy.


Blogger Jack Taugher said...

Where's the video?

9:45 AM  
Blogger Beth & Chris said...

Seconded, what happened to the video

12:44 PM  
Blogger Tim Perkins said...

Thirded, no video.

7:08 PM  
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Blogger SoupKitchen said...

Flyguy, thanks for leaving the comments on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog, so I had to share it with people who read my blog. Maybe I'll be on one of your planes one day. Keep up the great postings and pictures

10:28 AM  
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